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How to Kill a Customer and Their Credit...


I would think that this would be a dream car for most people.  It was for me.

I leased this car in the spring and all was OK.  Then the first New York winter came upon us.  It was damp & rainy and the temperature dropped below freezing at night.  I went to my car in the morning and experienced the first MAJOR HEADACHE I would have with this car.

When you open the door, the window should go down about a half inch and then go up the same when the door is closed.  Well, the freezing temperature made the windows stick to the rubber at the window bottoms so that the glass hit the convertible top and wouldn’t allow the door to close.  I would have to wait 30 minutes for the car to warm up and then thaw out the window ( this long time was worsened by the boor not being closed and the defroster not being able to thaw the glass well).

This was the scenario the many many times that it was damp or wet outside and freezing temperature during the 3 winters in New York.

And the next issue occurred the first time it snowed in the first winter. I was at work and it started to snow.  There was about an inch of snow on the ground and it was time to go home at the end of the workday.  My car is parked in my office lot 30 feet from the street.  The car would barely move off its spot and it took me  almost 30 minutes to maneuver 30 feet to the street. I then continued on my 3 mile drive to my home and came upon the downed gates of the train tracks I pass every day.  While I was stopped at the closed tracks, the car started to slide back since I was on an incline in the road.  I was unable to stop the car but fortunately it slid sideways and came to a stop when the spinning M6 expensive rim came to rest upon the sidewalk curb.  I was able to get 2 young men to help push the car so that I could continue on the treachorous balance of the 3 mile ride home. Once home, it took me a while to calm down from the white knuckle ride.

The next morning I awoke to a few inches of snow. I went to my car and waited the 30 minutes so that the door would close.  I then put my SMG in gear and the wheels  would spin but the car wouldn’t even move an inch.  I tried for a while to get the car move but I was not able to do so.  I asked for someone else to take me to work.

I had the car towed to the dealer. They advised me that they could not duplicate the problems.

Well it was a few days later and the snow melted and the temp warmed up and all was good.  

Well it was again a few days and the snow started and the temp dropped and the nightmare started again and continued for days and days.  This is the ongoing problems for 3 years!!!

The dealer still wasn’t able to duplicate the problems????

Well the second winter came and the NIGHTMARE started all over. At this frustration level, I was able to track someone down at BMW NA in New Jersey.
After telling my story, I was told that the problems were ENVIRONMENTAL!!!!!
This second winter had the car back and forth to the dealer many times and sat even more times for days in my driveway since I wasn’t able to use the car.

This second winter the convertible roof started to leak. After a rain I would get into the car and it would leak onto my lap.  I brought it to the dealer.  After a few days they said they were able to repair the problem. So it rained a few days later again it leaked on the passenger side onto my wife's lap !!!!   I brought it back to the dealer again.  They once again made the repair and I brought the car home.  It rained a few days later and once again the top leaked onto my lap during a rain.  My wife was happy the top was repaired in that manner since it wasn’t dripping on her lap.

I took my frustration to the dealer to vent.  I spoke with the General Manager of the dealer and he said to me that CONVERTIBLES LEAK!!!  I was also told that this was a RACECAR and shouldn’t be driven in the winter snow.  He didn’t comment on the freezing windows because he was aware that I had this same problem with my prior 645 convertible for the 3 prior years.

I asked the General Manager why I wasn’t made aware of these problems when I was about to lease this $115,000 car and wouldn’t be able to use it for the 3 winters in New York during the lease term.  With the proper knowledge of these problems, I could have made a better decision and maybe lease a SL, Porsche, JAG or  other convertible that didn’t have these issues.

Nothing came of any of this and along came this past winter which was the harshest and the car sat much of the time at the dealer and in my driveway.

So during the lease term which was about up, I took account and realized that almost 9 months the car was unusable and I wasted a good part of my $60000 worth of payments.

I called BMW customer service about 2 months before my lease end to see what they would do or say with all my problems.  The people in this group were pleasant by time just went bye and nothing was done.  I then talked to the dealer and the customer service people and still nothing was done. So I basically paid for 36 months and the car sat for 9 months. So 9 x $1562 was $14058 of my wasted money!!!!!! And I had to waste my time with back and forth to the dealer and borrow cars and rent cars and spent time un many many phone calls.

I then came up with an idea that I would ask BMW to compensate me for the time the car was unusable.  Since the down time was 9 months I asked for 6 months of a lease extension on my M6 at no charge since it was a "half value" car now.  This would be OK since it was spring and freezing snow wasn’t an issue.  I also asked for 6 months at no charge on a lease of a new M6 convertible as part of a new 36 month lease.  To me this totaled to the 9 months that I was not able to use my car and paid for. 

I was also told along my journey of calls and problems that the Columbus Customer Service dept had offered me one months payment to be credited back to my open account.  I had also told my saga to the Financial Services dept of Columbus and I was also offered 1 month credit as a consolation prize.

Well now after almost 2 moths of discussions, I was advised that BMW NA would offer $1500 towards the lease of a new $115,000 car.  I was also told that the past offers were not noted and  not available.

So you think this story is almost over?????  WELL ITS NOT OVER!!

Several months ago I applied for a personal loan and was turned dowm.  I couldn’t understand why and I didn’t pursue the loan.

I just days ago tried again....and turned down again.

I was told to go get my credit reports to see why.  And I did.

Well, low and behold a negative report is shown by BMW Financial Services.  I had a 36 month lease @ $1562 per month.  Half way thru the lease one payment was missed.  My auto bills are paid through my office and no one knows why this was not made. So all payments before & after were made in a timely manner.  I would have that thought the payment would have caught up at the end. BUT NOT THE CASE. My credit report shows me late 14 times.  Well I asked if BMW companies wants to hurt my family, my business & myself. BMW Financial Services says that is the way they make their reports. I spoke to several people in this group and unfortunately I got a call back from a person named "CD" in their collections dept.  This conversation wound up being one of my most unpleasant frustrating discussions with a most DISTASTFULL ARROGANT person that I have EVER had. NOW I CANT GET EVEN A CAR LOAN APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If this story isnt well written, I apologize since I am very upset.

Robert K.

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